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Whats also a good note of interest notice that Ive put all of these app icons in the folder. In the Pictures Library Window right-click on empty space and select Sort by.

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A-Z is a simple alphabetical sort order.

S9 plus folder not alphabetical order. Doesnt work because it is in alphabetical order. Make them easier to find by arranging them in alphabetical order. You can create so-called collections as well.

Move all the other similar apps into this folder by dragging and dropping them into this folder. And then all of the app icons are still in alphabetical order. When you uninstall or disable apps the remaining apps will NOT sort automatically.

10-10-2018 0902 PM – last edited 10-10-2018 0958 PM in. Now all you need to do is click on the first option Sort and in the dropdown that opens check the Alphabetical order option. Just one thing I had to clear if possible only.

The custom order by default sorts app based on the time when the app was installed. Galaxy S9 Apps screen is an integral part of Galaxy S9 and S9. Enable the Always-on Display Having to press the power button every time you want to see the clock can be.

Its not uncommon to hear Android users contact us about their device not receiving texts or SMS in the correct or normal order most recent ones on top of t. These are the two simple ways of adding a folder name on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. I have the S9 plus and truly love it.

The pop-up menu will now disappear and your Galaxy S20s app drawer will automatically resort itself to show all installed applications in alphabetical order. Albums are a total chaos on my iphone. This will change the screen of apps and they will appear more comfortable.

We have summarized for you here exactly how this works. Select Sort and then click on Alphabetical Order to make sense of the app drawer layout. The ALBUMS tab operates as follows.

The folders apps will be relocated to the Apps screen. To organize them alphabetically you must press the three-button menu at the top right of the search field. It is the only order that displays subscriptions at the same place in the list at all times.

On Gallery we have Pictures Album and so on. To do this you have to change the sort order. There is another option that you have to sort subscriptions on YouTube.

Open the contacts app on the Samsung Galaxy S9. But not all this data is correct and after 15 years and copying pictures from one mac to another some of this metadata is messed up. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has lots of space for apps.

So again this automatically sorting doesnt work. Tap the Apps icon on your homescreen. Then click on Sort And select the option In alphabetical order In this way the list of your applications will be sorted cleanly and you will be able to find your way more easily Note that from the moment you have application folders it is according to the names that you give to these folders that they will be stored in the list of.

On the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy A7 you can store your application icons in folders which you can give a name. Like on all Galaxy devices the S9 has an Edge screen. Galaxy S9 and S9 offer two sorting options for app icons on the apps screen as shown in the screenshot below.

Unless you hide the apps screen you have to work with it. Tap on the three items in the upper right corner and select Settings from the context menu. In the main section at the top you have system created albums apparently non-alphabetically arranged followed by alpha-sorted albums which are the subdirectories of the sdcardDCIM folder and then under MORE ALBUMS the alpha-sorted albums collected from image-containing-subdirectories anywhere else on the phone other than the DCIM directory.

So now that Ive come out of here notice that Social is a blue icon and its kept the folders in alphabetical order. Tap and hold an app and drag it to a new location. Hi once again sorry for my english I have an external hard disk WD Elements 1 TB and when I explore the content from the tv folders and files are not in alphabetical order actually there are some groups sorted by name but theres not a unique list sorted by name.

Only the folder will be deleted. You can choose to sort them in alphabetical order or in a customized way. Moving apps from a folder.

Right all I wanted to know was. Although Galaxy S9 apps screen is just a special version home screen there are some major differences between Galaxy S9 Home screen and Apps screen. On the reception of your Samsung Galaxy S9 plus Slide your finger from the top to the bottom to bring up the app drawer.

Hit the menu button on the top right and select Sort. You have different ways to sort your apps in Android phone. I created my own album from previous phone and moved all my pictures to gallery with each of them in their own category.

Under Sort by select Name and Ascending options. Use Edge lighting notifications. At this location you can choose to search for an application by writing its name.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Sort and display contacts by last name. Open Library and select Pictures. Tap and hold a folder and then tap Delete.

A collection is like a group that you put subscriptions into. Type into the name field an appropriate name for this folder. Any folders that you have created or that come preinstalled by Samsung will be moved to the front of the list.

It is super easy to classify the applications in alphabetical order to do this you just have to follow the steps below. This will arrange the photos alphabetically. You can sort your albums on Photos for Mac automatically in alphabetical order.

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